Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Power Game

Power!!! A word we frequently hear in gym. What is power? The ability to perform acts of handling extremely heavy objects with ease? People often use the term when describing their favorite rugby player or swimmer in action. In terms of human kinetics and sport science we define power as the function application of speed and strength. The ability to move large weights quickly would be an example of this definition, but power extends way further beyond the gym. Athletes all over the world are constantly striving to increase their ability to produce power. Sprinters, power lifters, rugby players, football players, mixed martial artists… the list goes on as to how many different sports involve power and power coordinated movements. All sports need power. More power means more strength. More power means you can achieve higher speeds faster. To the beginner and the advanced athlete, technique and the adequate equipment are vital to creating a power base. Once a proper strength phase is developed, there are existing power based exercises that can be learned, mastered and applied to building your own power base.

To make it easier to learn power based exercisers and build functional power, I have chosen to highlight major power exercise techniques and form which can be learned step by step.  Variations to these exercisers exist and exercisers can be modified to suit sport specific or individual needs. These exercisers take some time to learn but when executed with proper form, trains the muscular and nervous system to create and exert functional power efficiently.

In the next series of posts I will put up these exercises.

and remember 'if it aint fast it aint twitchin'

Jo 'never say no' Ramahdin

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