Thursday, February 24, 2011

The new adiPURE Z

Adidas Golf seems to have been hard at work lately coming up with some new products. They have recently launched their new shoe for the 2011 season, namely the adiPURE Z that integrates the traditional look but with enhanced performance.
The shoes are made from high quality hand-finished leather that gives the wearer a fantastic sense of comfort as well as good wear and tear.
In terms of technology, the new adiPURE Z feature adidas's ThiNTech. It can be described as a low-profile technology that brings the golfer closer to the playing surface which improves stability and therefore can contribute to a better power-transfer during the swing. It consists of a 10-spike configuration and fitFOAM for added cushioning.
I’m still a bit of a skeptic in that I still believe the ultimate determinant of performance regardless of whether you have the latest equipment- is technique. I maintain that the subject of sports technology is a field that intrigues nevertheless.

Written by : Jade Davids
source: (adiPURE Z)